Part 2: Japan -The city of Hiroshima

Upon arriving in Japan – we head to our hotel in a taxi – it was cheap and easy.

We spent our 2 nights in Hiroshima at the Urbain Hiroshima Central Hotel ($216AUD). Hotel was in great location – walking distance to all the attractions and Hiroshima city centre. We got breakfast every morning and drinks during the day (served in the breakfast area). Room was clean and had 2 single beds.

Following check in we grabbed a map of Hiroshima from reception and set out on foot to see the Hiroshima Castle and the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, late March was too early for blossoms in Hiroshima. The castle is a beautiful wooden structure and was nice to admire from outside. The JR pass is valid on the red hop on/hop off bus that circles around Hiroshima city and we used this once or twice.

After visiting the castle we walked around to visit the Memorial Peace Park.  This was a time for reflection to remember those that have had their lives changed forever by the tragic event of the day the atomic bomb was dropped.

When visiting Hiroshima – make sure you plan a 1/2 day trip to Miyajima. This is an island located just outside Hiroshima – approx 40 mins one way journey from Hiroshima city – accessible by trains and ferry (all covered by JR pass). Our day to Miyajima started early in the morning after breakfast. We walked to the train station, and got snacks for the trip from the 7-11 store. We caught the train to JR Miyajima-guchi station and then alight and walk down the street to the ferry pier to catch the ferry to Miyajima. As the ferry approaches Miyajima you will be able to see the Otorii Gate – which during low tide you can walk right up to the gates. On our journey we couldn’t walk up to the gate but it was nice to admire from dry land. After a full day of exploring Miyajima and indulging in the local delights including the flower cake which was being freshly made when we were there. We also sampled some of the oysters and some local stick food. Yummo. After our 1/2 day adventure we returned back to Hiroshima to explore the city centre

Upon our return to Hiroshima train station we walked over to Mazada Zoom Zoom stadium – the home of the Hirsohima Carps and then went onto to visit Costco. I can now tick off visiting Costco in 3 countries.

Following this we went to the city centre to indulge in some local delights. A must try is the Hiroshima Okonomiyaki – we got this to takeaway as the restaurant that we went to was full and it was hard to eat with the kids. The verdict. Yummy! Certainly a must try when in Hiroshima. The Hiroshima Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake cooked on a hotplate containing egg, meat/seafood and vegetables. We got ours from a place that was busy – had a 30 min wait for ours to be cooked, but well worth it for some traditional local Hiroshima cuisine.

That was our last night in Hiroshima. The next morning, we managed to squeeze in a quick walk over to the memorial peace park again and the husband visited the museum. We didn’t think that the museum would be suitable for the children so I stayed outside with them. Husband said that the museum was quiet emotional, so it was a nice way to end our 3 day and 2 night stay in Hiroshima.




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